Beth is an incredibly inspiring speaker. Her passion is contagious.
— Scott Simpson, Google

Beth has spoken at TEDx, Google, the United Nations, the National Mall in Washington, DC, and at numerous universities and private conferences.

She shares a profound message of courage, hope, and unconventional business strategy that has made her one of America’s most renowned social entrepreneurs and a highly sought after keynote speaker. 

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FOllow Your Truth

Adopted as a baby out of the foster care system, Beth was told she would never know her heritage and almost gave up hope of ever learning about her past. After 32 years, and moving 2,000 miles away from her small hometown in Ohio to Los Angeles, Beth discovered she was actually surrounded by her biological family all along. She also found that she was related to one of the greatest explorers of all time and that her biological parents were brilliant people whose lives were tragically laced with trauma, addiction and mental illness. What she further uncovered is both astounding and miraculous and her unforgettable journey shows the unbreakable power of love and why being brave enough to seek our truth will always set us free.  

 Your Big Truth

Beth founded her first company when she was 22 and today is an advisor and leading branding expert to the worlds most iconic Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, world leaders and CEO's.  In this riveting talk Beth shares how she built, advised and sold multi-million dollar businesses that today are known brands worldwide. What people don't know is that Beth was adopted out of foster care and spent thirty years wondering if she would ever find the truth about her past. Beth's moving personal journey of seeking the truth regardless of how painful it became, shows us all how facing the truth in any situation can create growth and success in every area of our lives. Her 5 steps to seeking truth help companies, NGOs, and governments reach goals, grow their followings, and give back in an age where advertising and technology are designed to manipulates us. 



"Beth had the crowd on the edge of their seats - absolutely one of the best speakers we have heard. 

Michelle Laidlaw, Toyota Scion Motivatour



"Beth is a truly excellent speaker with a powerful message. Our alumni were hugely impressed."

Seth Dorfman, Yale | Princeton | MIT Alumni Speaker Series


"Beth's wisdom, poise, and accomplishments at such a young age are impressive. Everyone wanted to talk with her after she spoke. We were so honored to have Beth here in Brazil."
Kelly Santos, United Nations International Day Of Peace, Brazil


"Beth's story is truly inspiring. Through her optimistic expression of hope and her entrepreneurial spirit, Beth reinvigorated my faith in the power of individual action while empowering and motivating our UCLA students." 

Claire Hirashiki, Speaker Series Co-Director, UCLA