Mexico - I love you. I can jet to so many of your amazing cities easily from Los Angeles and each time I have to jet back I find myself wishing I was still with you. This time I found what must be your ultimate paradise. A place so outrageous in it's grandness it does not feel real.

This place - just outside Manzanillo is called Cuixmala. I hiked through an unspoiled jungle. Lay in perfect sand on a private beach. Made friends with a Zebra named Vicky and galloped on horseback across endless stretches of wilderness. Released endangered sea turtles at sunset and ate every meal made by a 5* chef with produce grown and prepared on the 25,000 acre property according to an ancient 100% organic and biodynamic method of farming.

Cuixmala  Sir James Goldsmith’s Mexican estate still run by his family.  earth.